Blocks Ads on Android 9.0+ (Without Downloading App or Without Rooting)

In android 9.0 pie and above we have an option to set Private DNS, this can be used to block ads on your phone.

STEP 1- Under Connection in Settings, scroll down and select More Connection Settings.
ads Block
STEP 2- Select the Private DNS Option
STEP 3- Select Private DNS  provider hostname and enter the following in the text bar

For Adguard DNS:

For Adguard DNS and removing adult content:

Additional STEPS for using this with Google  Chrome-
Since Google Chrome uses its own DNS resolver, we need to disable that for ad block to work.
  • Launch Chrome app.
  • Enter the URL “chrome://flags”, without quotes, into the address bar.
  • You will see a new window with many flags.
  • Search for “dns”.
  • Set the “Async DNS” option to “Disabled” and close the tab.

STEP 2- You will also need to clear the prebuilt DNS cache.

  • Enter “chrome://net-internals”, without quotes, into the address bar.
  • Select the DNS tab, and tap on “Clear Cache”.
  • Restart Chrome.
Confirmed Working on-
Google Chrome
Samsung Internet (Just Clear Cache)